The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” try a mystical content for the human body away from starts

The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” try a mystical content for the human body away from starts

The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” try a mystical content for the human body away from starts 150 150 mahrukh

The film, “2001, A gap Odyssey” try a mystical content for the human body away from starts

Not too many anybody know their true meaning. It was not supposed to be realized by the profane. Although Adepts of Puzzle Schools understood they perfectly.

The fresh ancient reports out-of Babylonian, Egyptian and you may Greek mythology have more meaning than simply people understand. Archeologists and historians only comprehend the EXOTERIC and therefore miss the whole area out-of just what it all the very function. When George Plant regarded a “Thousand Points out of White” in the address in 1991 he had been with the symbolic words and you may was writing on your body off initiates. The average person heard brand new exoteric significance of them statements when you’re starts from around the world beamed to by themselves, as they knew the actual meaning. You will find George Plant are a member of the order away from Head and you can Skeleton Neighborhood. Costs Clinton keeps new 33rd training on the Masonic resort. Bob Dole, a Republican, was an effective 33rd degree Freemason. Which doesn’t really matter to have the person you choose, you are in impact voting to your Mysteries. These individuals and others all are therapists of your Mysteries and you may know exactly where in fact the world is certian. Of a lot judges fall under secret societies. This type of person every-where and are usually every indoctrinated on the thinking of one’s Secrets.

These folks faith he has hit a top part of its advancement (several other deception) and also have the requisite knowledge to help you code with the rest of mankind. They think there are just a few adult minds throughout the world and this those with this new mature intelligence need to book mankind. They think on their own ‘illumined.’ All this holds true and certainly will getting verified within very own blogs, this is what they believe. Unless you’re ready to open the head and you can lookup which issue you are going to will always be misled.

New upcoming New world Purchase lies in an occult beliefs known as the ‘Pure Luciferian Doctrine’ otherwise ‘Illuminism.’ The fresh symbology for it faith are almost everywhere.

Establishing of your own Secret Faith

Which religions personal introducing is might have been going on to have quite some day. Even though the average person whom observes precisely the exoteric so tend to miss it completely.

During the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, brand new 30th so you can 33rd degree is levels of Light, into the 33rd being the really sought after from the ‘illumined boy.’ New 33rd studies ‘s the higher in public places identified knowledge within the Freemasonry. The quantity 33 represents ‘Illumination’ and you will independence away from religious dogma (superstition). The human spine consists of 33 vertebra with the cranium (intellect) ahead.

When Bill Clinton in his County of your own Commitment Address is actually talking about concerning “setting sunrays and therefore the dawning of the the newest era” he had been also using a symbol words

The number 13 is additionally high on Secrets. On occult Gematria (count program) the quantity 6 signifies boy. The amount eight represents divine perfection or Goodness. The latest Hebrew (Biblical) Gematria system is similar of these sort of amounts. Hence it could be viewed your matter thirteen was an excellent blend of guy and divine perfection that is what Illuminism really is, son gets a goodness. Brand new York Rite away from Freemasonry has 13 levels (merely nine in public places). The fresh new Bavarian Acquisition off Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt’s branch) along with got thirteen grade.

This new obelisk, a beneficial phallic symbol around Osiris, is yet another essential icon regarding the mysteries and you may represents the latest destroyed word of Freemasonry or even the ‘secret’ of your Mysteries. The fresh new obelisk try symbolic of the sunlight jesus (intellect) otherwise generative push. To know this fully it is necessary to analyze new Osirian duration however, I will not get into you to definitely now.


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