Walee Enterprise

A one-stop-solution to consolidate and automate your digital marketing sales and services needs, customized to your organization’s unique needs.

Enterprise facilitates your frontline warriors to access 360° customer views and a wide range of capabilities to help you reduce time in resolving issues and increase your customer happiness scores.


Feature Comparison

FEATURES Expensive platforms Medium platforms Lowcost platforms
Monitor e.g., keywords, URLs, topics, social handles
Analyze right message, at the right time, on the right channel
Interactive reporting
Publish / scheduling
Digital media crawling like news sites, forums, blogs
Sentiment analysis
Media source influence potential
Predictive analytics
Redicalization detection
Influencer detection and management
Influencer and affiliate networks
On ground local support

WALEE Enterprise 20+ Modules

24/7 Social Listening

  • Social platform integration
  • 24/7 web crawling
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Influencer tracking

Smart Ticketing

  • Call center team & management screens
  • Smart ticket allocation & reassignment
  • Ticket resolution
  • Escalation management
  • Pre-defined statistics rules-based workflow management
  • Trouble ticketing


  • Knowledge database
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Customer history
  • CRM integration

Monitor & Report

  • Reporting stats
  • Insight center
  • Real-time agent monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time updates
  • Malicious content monitoring

System Management

  • Admin portal
  • Team management
  • Multi-channel management
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Response templates


Walee Enterprise Solutions

  • Report Category Frequency Dashboard Email
    Cross-channel social performance Real-Time
    Audience metrics 24 hours
    Social listening and monitoring metrics Real-Time
    Engagement metrics Real-Time
    Content performance metrics/campaign effectiveness 24 hours
    Total exposure metrics and social graph 24 hours
    Customer service metrics Real-Time
    Customer Relationship metrics Real-Time
    Content resonance 24 hours
    Hashtag performance 24 hours
    Agent performance Real-Time
    competitor analysis 24 hours
    Influencer’s performance audit -outbound 48 hours
    System performance and health reports Real-Time
  • Social media management and influencer marketing and enterprise teams to market and sell at scale

    • Social media listening of English, Urdu, Roman Urdu content
    • Sentiment and semantic analysis across five sentiment points
    • 24/7 data collection across channels
    • Blog, feeds, journals, RSS feeds monitoring
    • Media trends aggregation
    • Company’s social media account integration
    • Stay ahead of the competition
    • Improve lagging areas
    • Brand, products and services promotion
    • Accurate and timely insights
    • Social and digital media presence enhancement
    • Positioning analysis
  • Share of Voice analysis across monitored parameters

    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Demographics
    • Regions
    • Conversions
    • Content
    • Context
    • Time series
    • Sentiments
    • Topics
    • Support campaign audits
    • Devise optimum combination for campaigns
    • Sample insights provided:
      • Who: Promotors, detractors
      • Where: Channels, Environments
      • What: Content, topic, sentiment, context
      • When: Frequency, triggers, time slots
      • Why: Awareness, engagement, feedback, collection, propaganda
    • Ad network management – consolidation of ad data, e.g. Facebook and Google Ad Networks
    • Time-series aggregation of prospects and re-targeted campaigns KPIs
      • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
      • Lifetime Value (LV)
      • Click through Rate (CTR)
      • Cost per result (CPR)
      • Amplification
    • Design and understand campaign performance
    • Influencer management – solution for influencer marketing
    • Matchmaking platform enhances collaboration opportunities
    • Influencer tracking against negative viral chatter score
    • Gauge Influencer audiences propensity
    • Influencer’s listed rating understanding
    • Identify potentially serious issues early
    • Strategies formation to contain negative news
    • Key staff alerts before potentially turning into ‘crisis’ situation
    • Email notification and SMS triggers to inform assigned staff across multiple levels
  • Measure, track and deliver against three main stages:

    1. Attract – build brand awareness via in/outbound marketing tactics to attract relevant traffic
    2. Delight – deliver personalized experiences
    3. Service – guide consumers to fulfill their goals with minimal effort
    • Case management system
    • Chatbots
    • Intelligent routing
    • Knowledge management
    • Consumer profile enrichment
    • Feedback and surveys
    • Inbound chatter feed
    • Ticket feed
    • Chat windows
    • Customer history
    • FAQs
    • Auto-response
    • Query escalation
    • Public and private resolution
    • Suggested pre-defined scripts
    • Timely information for agents, e.g. news of outages
    • Scripts to be categorized as:
      1. First contact
      2. Private messages
      3. Closing conversations
  • Send stickers to deliver personalized and customer-friendly experiences.

    • Custom designed sticker library
    • English and Urdu sticker categories
    • Graphics, emoticons and images support
    • Time-efficient
    • Intelligently assess, categorize and route new order queries
    • Language processing and sentiment analysis algorithms to support categorization
    • Enriched customer profiling
    • CRM integration to offer best packages to customers
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Automatic tickets categorization against influence scores, product categories, agents’ skill, groups and query types
    • Tickets prioritization on the likelihood virality prediction
    • Ticket categories include:
      • Inquiry
      • Promotions and gifts
      • Technical
      • Return
      • Complaint
      • Order
      • Exchanges
    • Enrich telco’s customer records via demographic and psychographic data ingestion
    • Integration with CRM systems, e.g. Siebel
    • Integration with in-house billing systems
    • Delivers customized experience
    • Assists macro and micro-campaigns
  • Interactive dashboards with live stats and reports filtered by the following attributes:

    • Media types
    • Geography – country, regions, states and city
    • Topics by respective keyword/phrase
    • Sentiments
    • Language
    • Influence
    • Audience Size
    • Social media engagement
    • Demographics – age, gender, location and occupation
    • Amount of mention
    • Growth