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Many students wonder if divorce counts as an “extenuating circumstance

Many students wonder if divorce counts as an “extenuating circumstance 150 150 mahrukh

Many students wonder if divorce counts as an “extenuating circumstance

” Because divorce is commonplace these days, you might be inclined to think that writing about your parents’ separation will be viewed as making excuses or being overly dramatic.

In reality, divorce is like any other family issue that you might describe in the Additional Information section. If your academic record shows a clear change (e.g., a significant grade drop) clearly associated with the time during which your parents were divorcing, it’s worth providing this context. You shouldn’t write about a divorce that happened before you were in high school or which didn’t negatively affect your transcript. The key is to describe how specific aspects of the divorce challenged you. Don’t simply note that your parents split up and leave it at that. For instance, perhaps you were uprooted to a new city, which disrupted your academic and social experience. Or maybe the emotional distress left you unable to focus adequately on your schoolwork for a time. Whatever the circumstances, stay as factual as possible and keep the focus on how your academic performance was impacted, rather than on your parents.

Low test scores

High-stakes standardized tests are always stressful, and extenuating circumstances can further interrupt testing days. While you do not need to explain that you got a 4 on the AP Literature exam because of a cold, you might want to briefly explain that you received a 1 or 2 on your AP Chemistry exam the day after your grandmother died or the week you found out your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. You might also want to note a lower-than-expected test score if you were receiving high marks in the corresponding school course.

Keep in mind, however, that certain instructors make AP (and IB) courses too easy, and students with high grades in the course often receive a 1 or 2 on the actual exam. read more

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